Multi Layer Labels

Multi layer labels are usually used in industries where more mandatory text needs to be printed on label and where a single surface is not sufficient for the same purpose. Another resalable layer is printed and supplied as a single label containing the required text.

Booklet Labels

This type of labels use in Pesticides (Agro Product) and similar industries where a lot of instructions and ingredients are to be printed in different languages, which is not possible on a single surface. Usually Labels are affixed on inline printed or Offset printed booklets which are then laminated to form a single label.

Hanger Labels

Hanger labels are the special labels and special die cut allowing a part of it to be used as hanger labels. Usually hanger labels are used in industries where product is to be hanged for display purposes. It is mostly used in IV Fluid Industries for any of the bottles.

Security Labels

There are various types of security labels supplied by Maharshi Labels, some of which are the following.

  • With 2D / 3D hologram stamping with and without registration
  • Multi cut
  • Labels printed with Thermo Chromic Ink
  • Specialty paper with Phosphorescent Fibers
  • Void Pantograph
  • UV readable text

Combination of any and all above features can be supplied as a Security Label.

Scratch Labels

In order to avoid duplication, or for a special promotion schemes, scratch labels are required. Each Scratch label contains a Unique Alpha-Numeric code printed which is then covered with scratch ink to fight counter fitting purpose and as per above special promotion scheme.

In-mold Labels

Due to it's cost affection labels are in high demand for high volume products in industries like Dairy, Farm Products, etc.