Shrink Sleeves

One of the most important emerging methods for decorating the product which gives visual appeal to the packaging in last 5 years has been Shrink Sleeves. There has been the growth of 15-20 % in the usage of shrink sleeves compared to any other popular method for product decoration due to following advantages:

  • Only product decoration method to cover most containers and various shapes and sizes of the containers without any problem in areas where labels cannot be applied. Due to reverse printing it is abrasive / scuff resistant and due to filmic material it is also moisture and abrasion resistant
  • Due to it being non adhesive, the container is also reusable
  • Cheaper cost compare to self adhesive labels in most cases

As above image illustrate the sleeving application can vary as follows:

  • Full body sleeving
  • Cap sleeving with temper evident property
  • For typical and unique shape and positioning at different places